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by js on April 17, 2014

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In March, Brew Belles welcomed Piney River Brewing Company from Bucyrus, Missouri. Piney River Brewing was born in 2010 with the revival of a 70 year old barn, later christened the BARn, and Brian and Joleen Durham’s love for craft beer. By the end of 2011 a 7- barrel brewhouse with an automatic canning line was installed for the microbrewery.Piney River

The BARn has a taproom that you can enjoy on weekends where Piney River brews can be sampled, growlers can be filled and pints can be had while listening to local tunes,  (check out www.facebook.com/PineyRiverBrewingCompany.com for upcoming events).

Brian and Joleen graciously joined Brew Belles at Gaston’s White River Resort allowing us to sample some of Piney River Brewing’s finest.

Joleen and Brian Durham of Piney River Brewing Company

Gaston’s typically pairs each beer with food and this time was no different. Our first beer was Float Trip Ale, a handcrafted Blonde that is cold conditioned for a smooth, crisp and clean flavor that I now can attest to. Float Trip Ale is refreshing with floral notes, malt up front and hop crispness at the end. This beer was paired nicely with a parmesan spinach artichoke dip and homemade tortilla chips. Float Trip Ale is a true session beer as both Joleen and Brian have assured that you can drink this beer all day and still get out of the canoe at the end of the float trip.

Our next sampling was Black Walnut Wheat. This beer started out as a seasonal until Joleen and Brian nearly had a riot on their hands. For their first year anniversary Black Walnut Wheat was produced as a year-round brew. An American style wheat, it has a black walnut aroma and finish. A specialty malt provides a beautiful deep color without adding too much roasted flavor.


Black Walnut Wheat is one of the first in the area to use local ingredients as the black walnut used come from Missouri, where 70% of the world’s supply actually start from.

Gaston’s paired Black Walnut Wheat with spicy chicken wings. This isn’t a suggested pairing but the beer cut the spice of the wings nicely.

pineyriver5McKinney Eddy Amber, as our third sampling, is malt forward with caramel and biscuit highlights. It had a nice balanced hoppiness with a smooth finish. McKinney Eddy Amber is the namesake of Charlie McKinney a good friend of Brian and Joleen’s and a master blacksmith. Charlie McKinney lived at McKinney Eddy on the Big Piney River. Sadly, Charlie did not live to see the BARn or McKinney Eddy Amber  but he would have been extremely proud of it and The Duham’s.

Gaston’s paired McKinney Eddy Amber with battered cod from their menu which is always a favorite of the Brew Belles.

Our “dessert” beer was Old Tom Porter. One of my favorites anyway, with roasted malts, coffee and chocolate flavors, Old Tom Porter was paired with a chocolate covered brownie truffle drizzled with raspberry sauce that made my day! Although all of Piney River Brewing’s beers are award winning, Old Tom Porter is a Gold Medal Winner at the 2013 Great American Beer Festival. This is a win among 4000 beers in 84 styles. Good job Piney River!!


Joleen and Brian brought us a bonus beer with Hot Date. Hot Date is their handcrafted Amber Ale brewed with a touch of “sweet dates and a hint of chipotle pepper heat”. This beer is malt forward and the addition of dates adds a sweetness up front. The chipotle peppers add some heat that build nicely, never being too hot to begin with.

Hot Date

Most of Piney River Brewing’s beers can be had via 1/6 barrel or 4pk  16oz. cans.

You can check out Piney River Brewing’s website at pineyriverbrewing.com to find out more about Brian and Joleen Durham and the amazing brews that they share with us. And while one their website make sure to pay attention to the exceptional artwork by graphic artist Brooke Hamilton of Grindstone Studio, who has also designed the website.

We had a very nice turn-out. Thank you to Connie, Shelley, Juanita, Eve, Catherine and Liz, Jessica, Tracy, Allison, Sonja, Krista, Jessamyn and Christi for helping to make March Brew Belles so much fun!

Thanks again to Joleen and Brian from Piney River Brewing. The Brew Belles look forward to making a trip to the BARn in the near future.

You too can visit Piney River Brewing Company at 15194 Walnut Grove, Bucyrus, Missouri, 65444. The Brewery number is 417-967-4001


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