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Foster & Rye Memory Eraser Beer Card Game

Foster & Rye Memory Eraser Beer Card Game


How good is your memory after a few drinks?

As long as it’s better than your friend’s memory, that’s all that matters.

Get ready to flip, match and drink with the Memory Eraser drinking game by Foster & Rye.

We updated the classic flip-card matching game with drinking rules. Successfully make a match and do what the card says, including classic drinking game fun such as making new rules or playing truth or dare.

Just scatter the cards out, and take turns choosing TWO cards to flip over. Remember where each card is to make successful matches, and win!

Memory Eraser can be played with one to four players. Yes, you can play this solo if you need some practice drinking and forgetting things.

Comes with one instruction card and 10 pairs of matching cards.

And since it’s a card game, it’s nice and compact, making it an easy addition to anyone’s game collection. It's a perfect gift for your one friend who has all those board games with too many pieces.

-20-card deck
-Includes game instructions
-Exclusive Design
-PKG: Hanging Box

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