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Spiegelau Red and White Decanter

Spiegelau Red and White Decanter


This new two-piece decanter is not only visually stunning but also versatile and effective in its utility. The functionality of Spiegelau’s Red & White Decanter encourages white wines, in addition to red, to be decanted.
The striking style and practical part of the Red & White Decanter - its concave bow at the center of the base - houses a separate reservoir that can be filled with ice. While most people keep white wines in the refrigerator and red wines at room temperature this decanter’s ice-filled basin ensures the former maintain its chill and the latter is brought down to the perfect temperature for enjoyment (ideally "cellar temperature" as if the bottle was just brought up from a wine cellar).
For budding wine lovers, the Red & White Decanter takes the guesswork out of decanting serving as a versatile vessel no matter the wine of choice.

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